ALKOXYROL Shark Liver Oil


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Build your immune system and help fight ASTHMA, ARTHRITIS, CANCER, HIV/AIDS, LUPUS, PSORIASIS, SINUSITIS & Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy.

Reduce doctor visits – ALKOXYROL drives the common cold or virus away so your children don’t miss school and you don’t miss days from the job – STAY HEALTHY USE ALKOXYROL EVERYDAY.

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$33.95 per bottle (100 caps)

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Increase your white blood count, normalize bone marrow function help your body fight any disease.



  1.       Free from PCBs, pesticides, impurities, excess A&D
  2.       No bad smell, no bad taste, small capsules that are easy to swallow



Up to 180 lbs – One (1) capsule twice (2) per day 

Over 180 lbs – Two (2) capsules twice (2) per day


It is recommended that patients doing Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy take 2 capsules three (3) times per day. 

Clinical Studies have shown that if you inject a tumor with AKG’s (found only in shark liver oil or breast milk) it will inhibit the growth of the tumor. 

ALKOXYROL is a recognized brand and is used as far as Ghana West Africa at clinics in Accra to help treat HIV/ AIDS patients. 

Persons using ALKOXYROL have also shown to have a strong resistance to viral infections such as Dengue Fever.