About us

Our Company

Parc Distributors is a 19-year-old company with branches in Ghana, West Africa, New York and Florida. We have independent distributors throughout the Caribbean and North America.

Our line of products focuses on:

  • Health and Treatment
  • Cholesterol and Weight Control
  • Male Performance Enhancers
  • Detox, Anti-oxidant, and Cleansing

Our Mission

PARC Distributors

To Change The Way People Live

It is time to take care of your family, your heart, your intimate relationship, and your body inside and out.

Other Services

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PARC Cardio Screening Device

Know more about the PARC Cardio Screening Device, PARC EMD, PARC Health Solutions, and how to be a reseller of the PARC Wellness Centres today!

PARC Wellness Centres